i apologize is an independant and self-published art publication exploring inadequacy and (a)morality in relation to identity politics.
The zine was born in 2018, and is published twice yearly. The third issue will be out at the end of 2019.

The title is a reference to Dennis Cooper's novel Try, in which the main character makes a zine called "i apologize". Cooper is part of the literary branch of queercore, a radical social and cultural movement derived from punk. Queercore is a movement with a strong discontent of heteronormative society as well as a disavowal of the established LGBT communities. The publication therefore echoes Cooper's work as well as more largely the queercore movement.

The publication aims at creating a platform for dissident voices - researching inadequacy, paradoxes and resistance.

#1 - november 2018 - 24p
#2 - may 2019 - 44p